Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Surgical Hair Restoration – Idea developing and its Implementation

In the beginning the people suffering from the balding problem still have a chance to stop it through the conservative’s treatment such treatments can be used as hair strengthening lotions and shampoos or taking drugs. However when the hair loss problem has taken its time and the baldness is set to visible, then the process of recovery is almost irreversible. In that case the only option left for anyone to permanently restore the lost hair which is surgical hair transplantation.

The Basic Idea of the Method:

The essential idea of replacing the lost hairs with the patient’s own hair initially originated from the still hairy area of the scalp was come from US in early 1950. At that time even the doctors didn’t know much about hair features. But with the passage of time many of researchers and developers came up with the much advance and easier process of transplanting hair and making sure that it last for longer period.
Now with FUE hair transplant the surgical hair restoration is very much permanent and pain less surgical treatment within reach of everyone.

FUT and FUE Appears:

After the initial success in the hair transplant treatment method, the hair surgeon didn’t gave up and developed more advanced hair transplant method found different approaches to make sure surgical hair restoration treatment become more successful and promising then the early ones. Thus FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant) treatments came and shown their quality results to the world.

The Process:


After hair surgeons found out the method for taking the grafts from scalp, they initially cut a large strip from scalp and then the grafts can e easily obtained from the strip. After getting the appropriate amount of grafts their implantation can be taken place. The following method is called FUT – Follicular Unit Transfer. It has shown much natural results until a new method came in existence of FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUE the grafts are extracted from the scalp on by one and then the implantation procedure begins and in the end you will have your desired results which are ultimately head full of hairs, however in FUT you would also have the same results but the surgery may cause you a prominent scar on your head which FUE doesn’t.

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