Friday, 22 November 2013

Hair Fall Solution in New York

Haven’t you spend endless hours just to style your hairs to cover up the bald spots, or you spent hundreds of dollars to select a good hat which suits you, then it might be the time for you to face the reality.

YOU ARE GOING BALD! Luckily in your case you don’t have to face baldness for the rest of your life. As there are variety of ways discovered to restore your natural hairs, and one of the very best method to restore your lost hair is by going through a surgical hair restoration treatment. And the best place for a hair Transplant is New York, as New York is one of the finest cities to have Hair transplant, it is the home of best surgeons in the United States.

Even a thought of going through surgery develops many questions and makes you very nervous; in this situation ask yourself few questions:

  • ·         Don’t you want your head full of hairs?
  • ·         How important this hair transplant to you?
  • ·         Don’t you want to relive your life with head full of hairs?
  • ·         Are you willing to go through a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure to have your hair back?

If you honestly answer these questions by now you and feel that the response is leaning towards the fact that head with full of hair is more important to you, then opting for a surgical hair restoration treatment New York would be appropriate move for you.

But before going through the surgery procedure do research online consult different clinics and doctors to find the best suggestions as in some cases hair fall can be reduced by medications, so you might want to switch to that. Other than that there are many qualified surgeons for hair transplant in New York so seek professional advises first before going under a surgery. And trust me there is no shame in seeking professional help for hair loss. As the demand of hair transplant surgery has grown significantly.

So head down to any qualified Hair transplant clinic in New York or you can prefer our advice by going to Alvi Armani Hair Transplant in New York.

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Hair fall Problem in India and Its Solutions!

Today, off all the recent development and advancement in the field of hair restoration treatment one process which have gathered most attention from both hair transplant surgeons and patients in India is FUE hair transplant. Despite of its invasive nature, almost no scaring issue, faster healing time, all these features are very much impressive than the traditional strip method or FUT hair transplant procedure. And because of the popularity of demand of FUE has increased greatly in the past recent years.

As hair fall is a serious problem in India, from research we came to know that every 7th person in India is suffering from hair fall. To deal with such problem in a country of more than 10 Million people living many experts and surgeons believe to improve surgical hair restoration treatment equipment in the country. For that many hair restoration clinics in New Delhi, is being equipped with latest hair transplant equipment and methods to enhance the quality of hair transplant in New Delhi, which will eventually make impact on all over the country.

By evaluating these refined methods, quality surgeons, and advance method of FUE hair transplant in India the need of this treatment method was much awaited in the country.

The tools associated with the FUE hair transplant in New Delhi, are organized in two different categories, first one is the manual extraction and the other one is motorized or powered extraction tool. These categories are further modifies with different models of treatment, quality and dedicated surgeons, continual updating, with the equipment and treatment by theorizing the procedure by themselves.

With such advancement and much awaited improvement in this field, there is hope of ending hair fall problem not only in India, but from all over the Asian region. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Advancement in Hair Transplantation Treatments

A hair transplant procedure involves removal of donor hair from the either back or the sides of the head, where the follicular grafts units are dissected with the help of microscope. Then these follicular grafts are preserved in saline for later transplanted on a bald patch on the lesser hair area or the crown area of the head.

There are several hair transplant procedures widely used today, in which most of the procedures are time consuming and tedious in nature. During a traditional hair transplant treatment; an average of 600 to 700 hair follicle grafts unit’s are transplanted by a specialist hair transplant surgeon in a day. But thanks to the recent development in the hair transplant treatment the method is replaced by Follicular Unit hair transplant.  In FUE hair transplant procedure the price of follicular unit grafts is generally twice of the any normal hair transplant process but FUE hair transplant is much faster and minimally invasive procedure. 

In a FUE hair transplant process, a small circle punch is created in the donor area of the scalp to extract one to four follicle grafts. The follicular grafts are then extracted with the help of this approach which is generally referred to as blunt dissection in which the punch is produced to envelope the complete follicular graft unit which separates it from its surrounding tissues.

As the follicular grafts are separated from the surroundings soft tissues, it is then effortlessly extracted with the help of small forceps. Then the small holes are left behind when the extraction of grafts units are done, these small holes are heal with over time and are not detectable to the naked eye once the hairs have started to grow. The healing is done within a week or two after that you will certainly have a head full of tiny hairs which will eventually grow into naturally looking long lasting hair.

The follicular unit hair transplant has been adopted by most of the hair restoration clinics around the world, while the standard strip is an excision strategy is yet to be the most common hair restoration treatment due to its more economical factor despite of its scarring side effect which FUE hair transplant doesn’t give.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hair Restoration Treatment in Chicago

Hair restoration process is definitely is one of tedious task in which hair restoration experts have to carefully put thousands of hair grafts provide with all the precautionary steps to be taken to avoid any kind of harm or mishap that could occurred at the time of surgery or after the surgical treatment. In Chicago, hair transplant treatment is performed with all precautionary measurements and in front of experts care for both male and female when they consider hair transplant in Chicago. When the hair grafts are extracted from the donor site of the recipient area then these grafts are ready to use for the plantation to the balder or no hair area.

How Safely its Get Done in Chicago:


It’s in incumbent to the hair restoration surgeon to produce the promising results that mimics nature and provides the restoration results within days but most commonly it would a surgical procedure which would definitely help him in re grow hairs.

If someone would like to have a full head of hair then sometime it requires more work than the usual, as it would take around a whole month after the hair transplant procedure took place. With the hair transplant in  Chicago, there is a lot of chance which needs to take care for life if they work on the surgery that may also be less costly. 

Follicular Unit Extraction is undoubtedly the most widely used hair transplant technique which is being performed all over the world. Also many of renowned celebrities and sports persons have opted for this surgery. You can also view this online by browsing on the internet. FUE is the most famous hair transplant surgery not only in Chicago but also around the world as the world prefers and appreciates its effective results and surgeons efforts.

                                   Before                                                                      After

So have your transplant surgery performed in Chicago, to find an appropriate hair transplant clinic you can search it online to have the list of quality surgeon who also provides free consultation to their patients.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Why Choose Follicular Unit Hair Transplant in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a surgical hair restoration treatment? In Los Angeles, the hair transplant treatment could be done inexpensively and efficiently. But before looking for a hair transplant process there are few facts which you should know that how the hair transplant process is get done and how to get possibly best results.

There are two popular types of treatments for a hair transplant. In which, the first one is the traditional FUT hair transplant, in this procedure it consists removing of a strip from the scalp and then picking out all follicular grafts units from it. These follicular grafts are then transplanted in to the balding area or on the desired hairline area. 

The other type of follicular unit hair transplant treatment is FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction process which is the most recent and slightly higher in quality than the other follicular unit hair transplant treatment. FUE hair transplant removes individual follicular grafts units with the help of precise tools a circular section of about 1mm, it helps in making small holes in the skin to remove the grafts from scalp. The tool which leaves a tiny small hole which easily gets heals within days. Then the follicular units are grafted to form the desired hairline. The follicular hair transplant can also easily gets utilized from other body hairs such as chest beard, arms legs, making a great option for those who don’t have enough donor hairs.



Why Los Angeles?

Getting a hair transplant in Los Angeles is highly beneficial for many reasons. First is because of the quality assurance as Los Angeles have one of world finest follicular unit hair transplant surgeons, also Los Angeles have one of easily affordable services to offer, and the transplant method in Los Angeles is much cheaper, almost 60 percent less than from the UK and other  parts of the world as well. 

Making a US trip is also very much convenient and easy, and you can also book your accommodations here from online and can easily find an affordable hair transplant clinic or you can find them online before even coming here and fix your appointment with them. As Follicular unit hair transplant is much easier and convenient in Los Angeles as any other part of the world.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

FUE hair transplant in India

India is rank high among the top notch Asian countries adhering the medical standards in beckoning people from rest of the countries to alleviate the suffering through the affordable FUE hair transplant in India. Being recognized with other international centers specially hair care has enabled various people from the developed nations to fulfill their needs and desire of looking good with the help of consultation of world class surgeons in India at reasonable prices which they would be paying in their country.

The factor about being economical has raises many questions about quality of treatment and putting the most doubted and important question to rest. The reason why the FUE hair transplant in India is not as effective as it is in foreign countries is because of the infrastructure and machinery which is required is not easily available and not in everyone’s reach. As what matter in most of the India when any goes for any surgical treatment is “Question the cost, not the quality” this is the reason why treatment is not as good in India.

But thankfully many of the quality surgeons and experts have step up; despite of the economical crises in the country these qualified surgeons have brought the required machinery and workforce in the country with help to some foreign funding and local government support. Now any type of surgery in India is very much possible and is done as affective as it is being done in the foreign countries. As many of the specialists, surgeons, doctors and personal are involved in this procedure to maintain the high and discerning standards and follow them with the utmost precision.

Now, one can easily opt for FUE hair transplant in India thanks to the foreign support and our local official’s team efforts.