Monday, 18 November 2013

Advancement in Hair Transplantation Treatments

A hair transplant procedure involves removal of donor hair from the either back or the sides of the head, where the follicular grafts units are dissected with the help of microscope. Then these follicular grafts are preserved in saline for later transplanted on a bald patch on the lesser hair area or the crown area of the head.

There are several hair transplant procedures widely used today, in which most of the procedures are time consuming and tedious in nature. During a traditional hair transplant treatment; an average of 600 to 700 hair follicle grafts unit’s are transplanted by a specialist hair transplant surgeon in a day. But thanks to the recent development in the hair transplant treatment the method is replaced by Follicular Unit hair transplant.  In FUE hair transplant procedure the price of follicular unit grafts is generally twice of the any normal hair transplant process but FUE hair transplant is much faster and minimally invasive procedure. 

In a FUE hair transplant process, a small circle punch is created in the donor area of the scalp to extract one to four follicle grafts. The follicular grafts are then extracted with the help of this approach which is generally referred to as blunt dissection in which the punch is produced to envelope the complete follicular graft unit which separates it from its surrounding tissues.

As the follicular grafts are separated from the surroundings soft tissues, it is then effortlessly extracted with the help of small forceps. Then the small holes are left behind when the extraction of grafts units are done, these small holes are heal with over time and are not detectable to the naked eye once the hairs have started to grow. The healing is done within a week or two after that you will certainly have a head full of tiny hairs which will eventually grow into naturally looking long lasting hair.

The follicular unit hair transplant has been adopted by most of the hair restoration clinics around the world, while the standard strip is an excision strategy is yet to be the most common hair restoration treatment due to its more economical factor despite of its scarring side effect which FUE hair transplant doesn’t give.

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