Friday, 22 November 2013

Hair fall Problem in India and Its Solutions!

Today, off all the recent development and advancement in the field of hair restoration treatment one process which have gathered most attention from both hair transplant surgeons and patients in India is FUE hair transplant. Despite of its invasive nature, almost no scaring issue, faster healing time, all these features are very much impressive than the traditional strip method or FUT hair transplant procedure. And because of the popularity of demand of FUE has increased greatly in the past recent years.

As hair fall is a serious problem in India, from research we came to know that every 7th person in India is suffering from hair fall. To deal with such problem in a country of more than 10 Million people living many experts and surgeons believe to improve surgical hair restoration treatment equipment in the country. For that many hair restoration clinics in New Delhi, is being equipped with latest hair transplant equipment and methods to enhance the quality of hair transplant in New Delhi, which will eventually make impact on all over the country.

By evaluating these refined methods, quality surgeons, and advance method of FUE hair transplant in India the need of this treatment method was much awaited in the country.

The tools associated with the FUE hair transplant in New Delhi, are organized in two different categories, first one is the manual extraction and the other one is motorized or powered extraction tool. These categories are further modifies with different models of treatment, quality and dedicated surgeons, continual updating, with the equipment and treatment by theorizing the procedure by themselves.

With such advancement and much awaited improvement in this field, there is hope of ending hair fall problem not only in India, but from all over the Asian region. 

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